Whistler Market Update: Third Quarter 2023

In my Q3 Whistler Market Update, I will delve into the current sales trends, the luxury segment, and what we can expect as we head into the winter months.

The third quarter in Whistler witnessed a consistent pace in the real estate market. Sales remained steady, even though there was a slight dip in overall activity compared to the previous quarter. The enduring questions about interest rates and the future policies of the Bank of Canada have likely played a role in this somewhat reduced activity. Uncertainty in the financial sector often translates to caution in the real estate market.

One notable trend in both Whistler and Pemberton is the slow but upward progression of listing inventory. While the end of the summer season might have contributed to this uptick, it’s welcome news for buyers. The increased inventory opens up more options and opportunities, allowing buyers to choose from a broader selection of properties.

A Closer Look at the Whistler Real Estate Stats

In Whistler, the real estate market observed a total of 106* sales during the third quarter. This number was a drop from the second quarter but showed an improvement compared to the same period in 2022. The lower sales activity was somewhat expected, as buyers hesitated in predicting the direction of future interest rates.

However, it’s worth noting that significant sales were still observed across all market segments, with the luxury segment standing out. In Q3, there were ten sales of properties over $5 million. Perhaps the most remarkable highlight of the quarter was the sale of Whistler’s highest-priced home in the history of the resort, fetching a staggering $32 million. This record-breaking transaction instills confidence in the Whistler market, suggesting that despite uncertainties, there’s a strong demand for luxury properties in this world-renowned destination.

Looking Ahead

As we head into the final quarter of the year, our outlook for the Whistler market is cautiously optimistic. We anticipate buyers taking advantage of the increased inventory to secure properties for the upcoming ski season. The allure of Whistler’s stunning landscape, outdoor activities, and vibrant community continues to draw interest, making it a prime destination for both homebuyers and investors.

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*Excluding parking stalls
**All stats deemed to be accurate and taken from the Whistler Listing System, October 2023.