Are you someone who visits Whistler a lot on a fairly regular basis? Have you been thinking about getting into the real estate market in the resort but looking for a cost-effective option?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then Quartershare Ownership may be the choice for you. Through this shared ownership option, you are able to enjoy all the benefits of owning in Whistler for a fraction of the price. There are several complexes in Whistler that offer potential purchasers this opportunity. These include Horstman House in the Benchlands, the Legends in Whistler Creekside, and Montebello on the outskirts of the Village.

All quartershares in Whistler are freehold properties that will give you title to your property. After purchase, you are entitled to one week of use per month (for a total of 13 weeks per year) based on a set rotational calender. Every four years, you will have use of the property over the Christmas period.

A few benefits of the quartershare option are:

  • If you do not use your property during one of your designated weeks, the rental management company may rent it out on your behalf
  • If more shares for your unit become available, you can always purchase more than one quarter or have friends/family join you in ownership of the other quarter(s)
  • All the properties are cleaned and maintained through excellent management systems so you never have to worry about anything at the end of your stay

Interested in learning more about the Quartershare options in Whistler? Contact me for more information or check out some of the current quartershare listings.