Over the past few months, buyers have showed renewed interest in Whistler and Pemberton real estate and this is great news for sellers. That said, the adjustment to our “new normal” has also brought some changes to what people are looking for as buyer “must-have” lists have shifted.

Here are 5 trends that I have noticed.

Location – For many people, working from home long-term has become a reality. This has given people flexibility to move further away from their place of employment. As a result, many people are looking to prioritize lifestyle over proximity to the office, making Whistler and Pemberton desirable options.

Moving away from urban centres – As we move through the pandemic, more people are leaving larger cities to look for more space. The sacrifices of giving up city living are not as much of an obstacle for people who now see the benefits of small-town life away from the hustle and bustle – not to mention the benefits of having a backyard of your own.

Functional floor plans – Often working from home means giving up a comfortable office or desk space for a work station that doubles as a dining room table or kitchen counter. As a result, ‘office space’ in the form of a den, extra bedroom, or flex space has moved up the priority list for many people and are now must-haves instead of nice-to-haves.

Bonus Extras – With many public amenities limited or closed altogether, people have come to value the convenience of having some (or all) of their ‘wants’ at hand – a swimming pool, home gym, outdoor kitchens, backyard or a hot tub.

What does this mean for those planning to sell in Whistler or Pemberton?

Your location already gives you a big bonus for those looking to prioritize lifestyle and/or escape the urban centers
When preparing to sell, it is a great idea to consider where you could ‘stage’ a dedicated office space, if you don’t already have one
Give some thought to the bonus extras your home offers and make sure they are highlighted in all the marketing.

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